Welcome to The Poozies’ home on the web…

The Poozies are Mary Macmaster on vocals and Camac electro-harp, Eilidh Shaw on fiddle and vocals, Sarah McFadyen on fiddle, banjo and vocals, and Tia Files on guitar, fiddle, vocals and stompbox.

Have a look round the website for tours and festival dates, videos and blogs etc. Feel free to get in touch – you can email us at poozies4@nullgmail.com – and sign up for our newsletter if you’d like sporadic newsbursts.

“This new line-up is really the best yet with an great collection of cool songs are groovy tunes. Anchored by the bass end of Mary Macmaster’s electro-harp the band swings like a monster with twin fiddles playing off each other and then the sound comes right down to pin-drop quiet for a gorgeous song.” Gordon MacLean, An Tobar Arts Centre

For bookings in England please contact the lovely Jo Freya at Hare Music Agency: email info@nullharemusic.agency or phone 07900 215419