Welcome to The Poozies’ home on the web…

We have been making a brand new album and this will be available here very soon for pre-sale. In other words we can’t afford to put the album out unless some of you lovely people buy an advance copy! There will be other exciting things for sale too so please make sure you come back for a look..

The Poozies are Mary Macmaster on vocals and Camac electro-harp, Eilidh Shaw on fiddle and vocals, Sarah McFadyen on fiddle, banjo and vocals, and Tia Files on guitar, fiddle, vocals and stompbox.

Have a look round the website for tours and festival dates, videos and blogs etc. Feel free to get in touch – you can email us at poozies4@nullgmail.com – and sign up for our newsletter if you’d like sporadic newsbursts.

“This new line-up is really the best yet with an great collection of cool songs are groovy tunes. Anchored by the bass end of Mary Macmaster’s electro-harp the band swings like a monster with twin fiddles playing off each other and then the sound comes right down to pin-drop quiet for a gorgeous song.” Gordon MacLean, An Tobar Arts Centre

For bookings in England please contact the lovely Jo Freya at Hare Music Agency: email info@nullharemusic.agency or phone 07900 215419