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We have just finished a fantastic, epic 17 gig tour in the UK which took us all the way from Aberdeen to Somerset and lots of places in between. Thank you to all you who came out to see us, we had a brilliant time with many escapades which will be regaled in the next newsletter. Next on the calender ALBUM RELEASE!!!! 25th May 2015 - we can't wait.

 If you'd like to book the band please get in touch with our fabulous Agent Craig through his website: www.twentytwopromotions.com

Why not visit our new shop where you'll find a fantastic selection of CDs related to our individual projects as well as Mairearad's hugely popular DVD and tune book, and of course our album 'Yellow Like Sunshine'....


Don't forget to go and see Mairearad and Anna if you can - out on the road now. Check out mairearadgreen.com for info on that.

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