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OUR NEW ALBUM IS OFFICIALLY OUT THERE!!!!! It took us such a long time to get this together, what with all our individual commitments and Sally's journey on The Voice landing slap bang in the middle of recording it, but it's finally out in the world and we are very happy. Of course, even though this may lead you to assume we've had lots of time to prepare for this release we are still completely unorganised when it comes to all the important technical like things we should have done but we will get there....!

It should be available in our own shop very soon, but meanwhile you can buy it from here. (You may even get an autographed one from there if you're quick!) Or here.

 If you'd like to book the band please get in touch with our fabulous Agent Craig through his website: www.twentytwopromotions.com

Why not visit our new shop where you'll find a fantastic selection of CDs related to our individual projects as well as Mairearad's hugely popular DVD and tune book, and of course our album 'Yellow Like Sunshine'....

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