Mary’s news

Mary’s news

Albert Hall with Hard Hat

Having had an auspicious start – at beautiful Woodford Festival in Australia – this has been a busy year with a couple of exciting ‘firsts’ for me. I went to Fèis Rois (adult version) for the first time, to teach and sing with my lovely trio Shine. I had an amazing time and loved being in Ullapool for a few days of early May.My other notable first was playing in the Royal Albert Hall with Hidden Orchestra on my birthday! That was sublime.In between there’s been a few concerts with Shine; a wee trip to Germany with Allan MacDonald’s Bruce 700 – an orchestra, a mass pipe band and three drummers; some magic gigs with the amazing Songs of Separation project, culminating in our appearance at Na Trads (the Scottish Traditional Music Awards); a whole month’s run of my favourite play for kids, Molly Whuppie, at the Edinburgh Festival and two wee tours with my duo Macmaster/Hay, first to the Loire Valley (what a river!) and then, via Mont St Michelle to Achill Island in Mayo (oh the beaches!). 

Le Mont Saint Michelle

In amongst all this I am very excited about the new line-up of the Poozies. Sarah McFadyen has long been one of my favourite musicians and getting to know the incredible Tia Files has been a joy.      

Loire Bird

We can’t shut out what’s going on in the world and the awful times some people are having but if we can contribute a wee bit of happiness through our music then that’s what we’ll do.Here’s to 2017.
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